I like corn tortillas but have never understood why they are so small. The commercially made ones in my refrigerator aren’t even 6 inches in diameter, barely enough tortilla to fold over a morsel or two.  A tostada made with one of those does not a full meal make, at least not for me, and … More Tostada

Oven Roasted Salsa

I tend to prefer fresh salsas made with finely chopped raw ingredients. Last night, for a change, I made a blended salsa using roasted ingredients. Poblano, jalapeño and Serrano chiles, tomatillos, onion, garlic and tomatoes were coated with olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt and roasted in a 425ºF oven with fan. It didn’t take … More Oven Roasted Salsa


The seasons will change in a couple of days, yet, when I checked the forecast this morning, snowflakes were in the forecast for the second day of spring. I was glad to see that by afternoon the predictions had been modified slightly for the better.   I am anxious to get the spring garden fully … More Spring


Tempeh, a food item made with fermented soybeans, is packed with nutrients and probiotics, so, as a vegetarian, I am supposed to like it… I guess… Well, this lifelong vegetarian could give you a long list of vegetables I don’t particularly care for, dislike or even detest. Many of them I eat anyway, every now … More Tempeh?

Peanut Butter Sandwich With Pickled Onions & Spinach

Two weeks and two days ago I started a batch of sliced onions fermenting in a salty brine. After tasting today I deemed them sufficiently soured, crunchy and delicious.   I mentioned to Faye that I was going to make a sandwich with peanut butter, fermented onions and spinach. She looked at me as though … More Peanut Butter Sandwich With Pickled Onions & Spinach

Grapes & Crepes

Sweet Sapphire grapes were abundantly available this year. I was able to purchase them on at least three different occasions.     This morning I made a fruit sauce or compote, if you will, with nothing more than grapes, pomelo and tapioca starch. The grapes and pomelo were simmered for a time in a sauce … More Grapes & Crepes


A 65 year old woman walked into the kitchen this morning and made herself a cup of coffee. It seemed like the right thing to do so I went ahead and made her some breakfast.   Happy birthday, Faye!