Spinach Crepes With Blueberry Cream Cheese Filling

First thing this morning I took some blueberries out of the freezer and mixed the frozen berries with Greek cream cheese. This was left on the counter to come to room temperature. One might not normally think of spinach belonging in a (slightly) sweet dish… but who gets to decide what is normal? I poured … More Spinach Crepes With Blueberry Cream Cheese Filling

Spring & Renewed Prospects Of A Vegetable Garden

Spring is a month away but most days it feels like spring already. I am loving it! Some days the temperature reaches almost 80ºF (26ºC). The green anole lizards have been coming out of hibernation to warm themselves in the sunshine on the satellite dish. Last year I counted almost ten lizards congregated on the … More Spring & Renewed Prospects Of A Vegetable Garden

Cabbage Foogath Wrap

I recently used up the supply of coconut in the freezer so it was time to scrape another coconut. I like how the crank shaft of the coconut scraper fit perfectly through the hole in the flexible cutting board and held it in place. Most of the scraped coconut went into the freezer but I … More Cabbage Foogath Wrap

Surplus Cucumbers

  We love these mini cucumbers. One of them is the perfect amount for a serving. We had already eaten several from this package but, knowing how quickly they can spoil, I needed to somehow extended their time of usefulness. Pickling is the best known and almost the only way to preserve cucumbers. They do … More Surplus Cucumbers