Burger Stuffed Patty Pan Squash Baked In Green Enchilada Sauce

Of the summer squashes patty pan or scallopini are my least favorite. That was until I tried stuffing and baking them in the oven. Hollowing out patty pan squash is easy using a potter’s loop tool. What these can be stuffed with is limited only by one’s imagination. Here, I am stuffing them with taco flavored veggie burger and baking them in green enchilada sauce.

stuffed patty pan squash.

Several different brands of these frozen meatless burger crumbles are available and most supermarkets carry at least one.

frozen veggie burger crumbles

I thawed and heated the veggie burger in the microwave adding cumin powder, chili powder and ketchup to give it a Southwestern flavor and a workable consistency.

Thawed veggie burger with ketchup, cumin and chili powder

Using Kerry Gold Dubliner cheese, which was on hand, I grated it and mixed some of it in with the burger, reserving the rest for topping later.

grated cheeseCheese mixec in

I arranged the stuffed squashes in a casserole dish, poured green enchilada sauce over them and topped them with some of the remaining grated cheese. The lidded dish was placed in a hot oven (450ºF / 230ºC) until the squash was tender but would still hold together when lifted out of the baking dish.

Green chile enchilada sauceEnchilada sauce addedMore cheese on top

When they were done I topped them with the rest of the cheese and served them with a dollop of sour cream (not pictured). All that was left was to enjoy!


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