Breakfast dish using leftover rice and eggs.

Not every dish of every meal, even in households with the most sophisticated tastes, is a brand new, made from scratch creation. Sometimes there are leftovers whose destiny doesn’t need to be limited to being reheated and re-served in the original form. I get satisfaction from keeping waste to a minimum. From the moment I put leftover food in the refrigerator I am already planning its future use.

Rice is something I don’t mind having left over. In fact, I sometimes deliberately make more than is needed for whatever dish I am preparing. There are so many ways to use it, such as patties, loaves, casseroles, etc. For breakfast this morning I used leftover rice in an egg dish. To the rice I added seeded and minced jalapeños, leftover peas and carrots, a few eggs, chives and of course salt. Chopped tomatoes were included in this dish but I didn’t add them at this point because I didn’t want the egg mixture to turn pink.

egg mixtureegg mixture

I like eggs cooked slowly at low heat, so after beating the mixture with a fork I poured it into a heated but not hot nonstick pan sprayed with olive oil. After scattering chopped tomatoes on top of the egg mixture I put a lid on it and let it cook slowly at a low setting.

tomatoes scattered on top

When the edges have gelled enough ( after ten or fifteen minutes of slow, lidded cooking) and it can be slid around in the pan without spilling the liquid middle, I carefully slide the contents onto a plate, place the inverted pan over the plate and flip both the plate and pan over to cook the other side.

sliding onto plateflipped over

After cooking a few more minutes with the lid on, I flip it again to cut and serve.

eggs are doneserved

Possible variations to this are endless. Non vegetarians may wish to include bits of ham or bacon. Adding cheese is always a great option either in the egg mix or on top.

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