Corn and Jalapeño Nuggets

Last year we were invited to help ourselves to as much Silver Queen corn as we wanted. I’m sure we picked two or three bushels. It so happened that the day after we picked them Faye went on a trip to Arizona and it was left to me to husk, parboil, strip the kernels, package and freeze the corn. Took me parts of two days.


The other day I took a packet of corn out of the freezer but didn’t use it all, so I was trying to come up with a way to use some for breakfast. The first thing to come to mind was corn fritters. I love corn fritters, but these days I avoid anything deep fried. I often use my ebelskiver pan to prepare dishes which are normally deep fried and usually have good results without using nearly as much oil.

I’m not sure what to call what I made this morning. They really aren’t fritters. Faye said they are like little corn muffins. I’ll just call them corn nuggets.

To make them I briefly cooked the corn in the microwave since they had only been parboiled prior to freezing. To the corn I added finely chopped fresh jalapeño and onion, an egg and some milk.

corn jalapenos & onionsegg and milkegg mixture

To the egg mixture I added self rising whole grain yellow cornmeal until the batter was the consistency I wanted. I also added a couple t spoons of sugar.


I put a little coconut oil in each well of the heated ebelskiver pan and filled them with batter.

oilbatter in pan

When the edges were starting to darken, using two toothpicks, I carefully rolled them over.

ready to turnturned

We enjoyed these corn and jalapeño nuggets with homemade jalapeño/serrano jam and homemade wild violet blossom syrup. Perhaps when violets bloom again next spring I will show how the syrup is made.

donejam & syrup10647057_821072741299318_6983600071351430971_n

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