Mango And Padron Pepper Salad

Mangos are one of my favorite fruits and Padrons are one of my favorite peppers. With both on hand begging to be eaten, I couldn’t help but wonder how they would pair together. I usually prepare Padron peppers by stir frying them in a little olive oil and seasoning with kosher salt. We’ve always eaten them by themselves as a snack and never in a dish with other ingredients where their unique flavor would be buried under stronger flavors. The salad I made today is a great way to use Padron peppers without their delicate flavor being lost.

I began by preparing the Padron peppers as usual, frying them in olive oil and sprinkling with coarse salt.

padron peppers

Other ingredients were: mangos, red onion, cilantro, roasted red pepper and olives.

mango and padron pepper salad 3mango and padron pepper sala 2mango and padron pepper salad

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