Ebelskiver (aebelskiver) is essentially a spherical pancake with a little dab of filling. I took a shortcut this morning and used a store-bought whole wheat pancake mix. For fillings I used jackfruit chopped small mixed with jaggery and durian just as it came from the fruit with nothing added. These are really easy to make. Put … More Aebelskiver


I am not a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast. I don’t hesitate to include vegetables and have even been known to eat salad for breakfast. Faye tolerates the inclusion of vegetables but draws the line at salads. I am not much of a cereal eater. Especially not the boxed store-bought kind. The first few … More Granola


Yesterday we went to the Super G Mart in Charlotte, NC. It is a large international food store. Their produce department has an incredibly large selection of exotic fruits and vegetables. We saw everything from mangosteens, lychees, jackfruit, exotic mushrooms to whole frozen durian. We left the store with a durian from Thailand, a papaya … More Durian

Coconut Scraper

I am so happy to acquire this coconut scraper/grater! It is made in India and shipped by Amazon. The scraper could even be used in a power drill. It is almost impossible to find unsweetened grated coconut in the stores in this part of the world. When we lived in India we had a floor … More Coconut Scraper