Spinach Calzone

Every now and then when I’m in the supermarket items I normally wouldn’t include in my diet somehow appear in my grocery cart, seemingly by their own efforts. That’s how this tube of pizza dough ended up in my refrigerator.

This morning I saw the expiration date was yesterday and tried to remember why it came into my possession in the first place. If I had a plan for it I couldn’t remember what it was. I just knew I didn’t want it to go to waste.

Whenever I use an ingredient that is low on the healthy scale I try to offset it with something that is high on that scale. First thing that came to mind was spinach.

Starting with olive oil and cumin seeds in a heated pan, I then added chopped onions.

spinach calzone 1spinach calzone 2

When the onions were translucent I added precooked (from frozen) spinach. When the spinach was well heated I turned the heat off and mixed in feta cheese.

spinach calzone 3spinach calzone 4

This mixture was loaded onto one end of the pizza dough and the other half folded over and the edges pressed to seal. I know it’s not pretty, but I am not a pastry chef. What can I say?

calzone 2spinach calzone 5

It may not have been the greatest visually but it tasted good!

spinach calzone 6calzone 7

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