Tomato, Cashew & Paneer Curry

The craving for Indian food hit me again today. I had some paneer-like cheese in the refrigerator and the large tomato sitting on the counter was developing a bad spot on it so these became components of today’s curry.

It started with onions, garlic and ginger paste frying in coconut and olive oil.

onion garlic ginger

To this chopped tomato, cumin, coriander, turmeric, home prepared garam masala, powdered red chili and salt.


Raw cashews and dried fenugreek leaves went into the pot next.


I then blended it until smooth.


Now it was time to add the paneer cheese. I usually make my own paneer but this was a cheese I purchased which closely resembles paneer. Tofu could always be used instead to make this a vegan dish.

cheesepaneertomato, cashe, paneer curry

Raita always goes well with rice and curry. It was made with cucumber, red onion, radish cilantro and yogurt.

raita 1raita 2

This was how lunch was served: rice, curry, raita, homemade tamarind/date chutney, mango pickle and tandoori naan.


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