Amaranth / Purslane Breakfast Potatoes.

I love fried potatoes for breakfast. Every now and then I mix in some greens for the added nutrition. Today I used Purslane and Amaranth greens. Both are common garden weeds that exceed many domestic greens nutritionally and also equal or exceed them for flavor.


Started with onion, garlic and jalapeño frying in olive oil. When the onions had softened in went the chopped greens. I lowered the heat and put a lid on the pan, stirring occasionally. When the greens were cooked I took them out of the pan and set them aside.

onion and jalapeñogreenscooked greens

I cooked the potatoes whole in the microwave oven, cooled them under running water, peeled and cubed them. Using the same pan I turned up the heat, added some olive oil and potato. These were allowed to cook, stirring occasionally, until they were nicely browned. Then I added the cooked greens back in with the potatoes. When everything was properly seasoned and well heated they were ready to serve. Great with ketchup and hot sauce.

browned potatoesbreakfast potatoes

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