Belgian Waffles With Orange Sauce & Mango Ice Cream

For breakfast this morning we had waffles with orange sauce and homemade mango ice cream. The ingredients for the waffles were:

whole wheat flour

whole grain self rising yellow cornmeal

all purpose flour

baking powder

baking soda

minced jalapeño

minced roasted red pepper

nonfat Greek yogurt


2% milk

olive oil


cumin seed

I used my stovetop cast iron Belgian waffle maker to cook the waffles.

waffles 1waffle 2

The waffles were topped with an orange sauce I made by whisking together non fat Greek yogurt and frozen orange juice concentrate. The mango ice-cream was the topic of my post yesterday. There I posted a link to the recipe from Sailu’s Kitchen.

waffle 4

Things I would do differently next time:

For the waffles, I would eliminate the cumin seeds and roasted red pepper. They added a bitter quality I didn’t like. I couldn’t even taste the jalapeño so I would double or triple the amount of minced jalapeño instead.

I would eliminate the orange sauce completely and add a couple more scoops of ice cream instead. Not that the sauce wasn’t good. It was. Just that the mango ice cream was a sauce in and of itself as it melted.

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