Woodlands Restaurant

Lately we’ve been splurging and spending money we probably shouldn’t, just because we only live once and life is short. Today’s food event occurred outside my kitchen at Woodlands in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have eaten there a couple times before and it is my all time favorite Indian restaurant. Not only is the food topnotch excellent, it is all vegetarian and I don’t have to search the menu for things I can eat. Not only that, they specialize in South Indian cuisine. They have North Indian dishes as well, and I love it all! http://www.woodlandsusa.com/

WoodlandsWoodlands 2

We started with mango lassi and assorted hors d’oeuvres. We had devoured some of them before I thought to take a photo. There was sambar and mint, coconut and tamarind chutneys to dip them in. Woodlands 3

We ordered Aloo Palak (potato spinach curry), Masala Dosa and Raita. As you can see, the dosa was almost as big as the table was wide. Everything was so good! We still needed three containers to take home the food we couldn’t finish in one sitting. Woodlands 4

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