Pickled Peppers & Canned Tomatoes

Not much point in creating a new dish today since we have plenty of wonderful food brought home from our visit to the Woodlands Indian restaurant in Charlotte yesterday (http://www.woodlandsusa.com).

This was a good day to preserve a small batch of garden produce by canning. I used pint jars this time. I am becoming more inclined to preserve food in smaller portions so the entire portion gets used when taken out of storage. With just the two of us here, when a quart jar of preserved garden produce is opened some of it ends up taking up space in the refrigerator.

Decided to pickle some small mild peppers that were accumulating in the refrigerator. After trimming the stems short and cutting two slits in each pepper I soaked them in a salt brine for several hours to help them retain some crispness after canning. They were kept submerged in the brine with a small plate weighted with a jar of water.

pepperspeppers 2

While the peppers were brining I scalded and peeled some tomatoes. In sterilized pint jars I packed the small tomatoes whole and halved or quartered the bigger ones. In each jar I added a little salt, a little sugar and a quarter tea spoon of citric acid. To that was added hot water leaving 1 inch headspace. These were processed in a boiling water bath for 40 minutes.


I rinsed and drained the brined peppers, packed them into pint jars and poured a boiling 5 to 1 solution of vinegar to water with a bit of sugar added on top. They were processed in a boiling water bath for 8 minutes. It might seem like a lot of trouble to go to for just a few jars of food, but it’s not a bad way to spend an early Sunday morning.

tomatoes and peppers

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