Mushroom Ravioli With Manchego Cheese Sauce

The other day, on a whim, I brought home some egg roll wraps. I had several uses for them swirling around in my head. Decided to make ravioli using spinach and sprouted black chickpeas for the filling.

I used frozen spinach cooked in the microwave. To the spinach I added onion powder, garlic powder, nutmeg, salt and steamed sprouted black garbanzos.

black garbanzo sproutssteamed sproutsspinach filling

Last minute I decided to also make a mushroom filling. Onion, garlic and mushrooms were sautéed in olive oil to which was added a dab of Vegemite® for it’s saltiness and flavor.

mushroom filling 2Vegamite

I used a canning jar ring as a guide to cut some circles out of the egg roll wraps, cutting through two sheets at a time. I moistened the edges of the trimmed wraps with an egg wash. Since I only needed a little bit of egg, I used powdered egg reconstituted with water.

(You are probably wondering why in the world I have powdered eggs on hand. It’s part of my emergency preparedness plan. Ever since I lived in the heart of the earthquake zone in Southern California, I have maintained a supply of drinking water and a well stocked pantry. I now live in a zone threatened by hurricanes, tornados and ice storms, all of which can shut down electrical power and water supply for a week or more at a time. I inadvertently acquired TWO cans of powdered eggs each containing 71 servings! Since I don’t anticipate any crisis situation lasting that long I could see no reason not to open one of them to use in certain cooking and baking applications. By the way, they make awful scrambled eggs but work just fine for things like cornbread etc).

eggroll wraps 2powdwered egg mushroom filling 2

With a bit of filling in the center of one wrap another was placed on top and the edges sealed by pressing with a fork.

mushroom raviolimushroom ravioli 2ravioli 2

I like ravioli (all pasta) well cooked, and in past experience, boiling ravioli or tortellini has resulted in some breakage with escaped fillings floating around in the water. I decided to steam these instead. To prevent sticking I lined a steamer pot with radicchio leaves from the garden and laid the ravioli on top.

radicchiosteaming 2steamed

While the ravioli were steaming I made a white cheese sauce. Equal amounts of butter and all purpose flour were heated in a pot and whisked until it was bubbling. Then I whisked in some 2% milk until it thickened. I considered using almond milk instead of cow’s milk, but since there was already butter and eggs in the dish I didn’t see the point.

When the sauce had thickened I added some shredded Manchego cheese and whisked until smooth. To the cheese sauce I added some finely grated nutmeg, salt and paprika.

butter & flourcheesecheese sauce

With just a small steamer pot, I had to steam the two kinds of ravioli in three batches. Both the spinach/sprouted chickpea ravioli and the mushroom ravioli tasted great, but Faye and I both preferred the mushroom ravioli. The cheese sauce was fantastic!

mushroom ravioli 4served 2

I am looking forward do using egg roll wraps in other ways in the near future!

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