Breakfast For One

Happened to be alone for breakfast this morning and decided to go all out and prepare something I really like. All too often, when eating alone, the tendency is to do the easy thing and just grab something simple rather than create a meal. I suppose if this dish had to have a name it would be called a Breakfast Tostada.

I spread a corn tortilla with refried black beans and a sprinkling of cumin and chili powder. This was placed in a pan with a little olive oil. I then scattered some chopped onion and cilantro on top.

refried black beansonionscilantro

Next was homemade pickled jalapeños. To make these I halved and seeded fresh jalapeños and canned them with vinegar, whole cumin seeds and a little sugar. They are quite mild with some sweetness to them. I love them on pizza or nachos!

pickled jalapeños

I then piled on shredded Colby cheese and cooked the tostada on medium low until the beans were heated and the cheese began to melt.

colby cheesemelted

On top of the melted cheese I placed some sliced tomatoes from the garden. I like my tomatoes peeled. A handy way to peel one or two tomatoes is to put them in a cup or bowl and let the Keurig coffee maker cover them with hot water. Leave them to scald for a minute, then rinse in cold water and peel.


Finally, on top of the tomatoes went a poached egg. I wanted it to cook slowly without having to turn it. To poach the egg I sprayed one half of an omelet pan with olive oil nonstick spray, added a splash of vinegar and a little water to create steam. Into this cold pan I cracked an egg and turned the heat on low simmer and folded over the other half of the pan to cover. Any pan would work just fine if it can be covered with a lid.

There was a little shredded cheese, onion and cilantro left so I dumped that on top, and that was my breakfast.

eggegg 2 breakfast

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