Avocado Sandwich On Toasted Artisan Bread

I never have developed good sandwich eating skills. Usually at the very first bite the contents start sliding out from between the two pieces of bread. Another bite or two and I am losing control of the sandwich. It isn’t long before I have a pile of what looks like a tossed salad on my plate. That’s when I resort to eating it with a knife and fork. I seldom order a sandwich when I’m eating at a restaurant. I can sense people staring at me wondering, “What in the world happened there?!!!” I’m telling you, it can be a real train wreck.

When I make a sandwich for myself it’s never piled high with ingredients. I love the taste of all the different components together but since some of them will end up on my plate anyway I’ll often plate things like tomatoes and pickles on the side to begin with. They are usually the first escapees.

Today’s sandwich on toasted artisan bread consisted of avocado (with mayo and horseradish), sliced onion, rosemary and olive oil Asiago cheese, sweet and tangy homemade pickled jalapeños, lettuce, tomato on the side.

sandwich 1sandwich 2sandwich 3

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