Favorite Kitchen Appliances & Utensils

The other day I ordered a couple items for the kitchen from Amazon. My coconut scraper arrived yesterday and my cast iron ebelskiver (aebelskiver) pan arrived today. I was able to try out the coconut scraper today. I couldn’t be more pleased because it works great!

coconut 1coconut 2coconut 3

This got me thinking about my other favorite kitchen appliances and utensils. It also got me thinking about the terminology we employ when referring to the items we utilize to accomplish various tasks. I know, I have been told I think too much.

Just what is the difference between a tool, a utensil, an implement and an instrument? An artisan uses tools. A chef uses utensils, gadgets and appliances. Surgeons, dentists and musicians use instruments. A farmer uses implements and machinery. And just where do devices and doohickeys fit into the mix? Ok. Enough of that.

Here are some of my favorite things to use in the kitchen:

I love my ebelskiver (aebelskiver) pan. With it one can use very little oil and get close to the same results of deep frying without actually deep frying. I have had the larger one for several years and it works great but, because of the plastic handle, I have been reluctant to use it in the oven, which is why I purchased the cast iron pan.

aebel skiveraebel skiver 2

I use my plunge blender (submersible blender? stick blender?) a lot. It is so convenient and much easier to clean than a stand blender. I made sure to get one whose submersible portion is made of metal so it can be used with hot foods on the stove top.

plunge blender

I searched for years for a cast iron stovetop waffle iron. The one I finally found is even nonstick! It can be used on the outside grill or when camping.

waffle iron

My hinged omelet pan gets put to frequent use. It’s great for omelets, frittatas, over-easy and sunny-side-up fried eggs. I like my eggs to cook slowly. The other half of the pan serves as a lid to hold in steam and when both sides of the pan are preheated the half that serves as the lid radiates heat from above. Flipping an omelet is so easy with this pan.

omelet pan

For many years Friday evening was pizza night, so this cast iron pizza pan was guaranteed to be used at least once a week. I like to use olive oil under the pizza for a crispy tasty crust. The pan is also an excellent surface on which to roast peppers with a torch.

pizza pan

Speaking of peppers… I almost always deseed peppers before using / consuming. It’s not that I don’t appreciate heat. I love piquant / spicy foods. After all, I grew up in South India. I just prefer to enjoy the burn just once. A second time not so much.

A potter’s loop tool is the handiest (Implement? Instrument? Device? Gadget? Utensil? Tool?) thing for cleaning out peppers, winter squashes, pumpkins etc. and for hollowing out veggies for stuffing. These are available at arts and crafts supply stores such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, A. C. Moore etc.

loop tool

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Kitchen Appliances & Utensils

  1. I have A LOT of kitchen doohickeys I truly can say. Some of my favorites are multifunctional like: Coffee Grinder – which I use for coffee, obviously, but I really appreciate it when I need to grind up flax seeds, oatmeal, nuts, spices/peppercorn etc. Another item I use as multifunctional are my Cookie Sheets used for Cookies, Veggies, Sheet cakes, Pizza, Roasted Nuts/ Chickpeas… so many things I can just pop into my oven. Some other favs are: Mandolin/Box Grater/Microplane – Mandolin provides me with precise and very quick slices. Food Processor/Nutribullet/Blender. Crockpot. Quesadilla maker too!
    I’m digging the coconut scraper, loving how it shredded up the coconut meat! The Potter’s loop – what an excellent idea!

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  2. Faye had to purchase another coffee grinder exclusively for coffee after I used the other one for too many strong flavored spices. We have worked out understandings regarding which appliances I am allowed to use and how. We also have to schedule time in the kitchen.


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