Green Bean Fugath With Purple Yam & Pickled Beets

I had pretty much given up on most of my garden this year. Insect pests quickly got the upper hand. I should have been harvesting beans a month ago but the Japanese beetles ravaged the vines and devoured the flowers before beans had a chance to develop. Now that Japanese beetle season is over I was finally able to pick a few beans today. Since I have freshly scraped coconut on hand, it’s not surprising that green bean fugath came to mind. I was also looking forward to eating some purple yam I purchased the other day. The purple yam went into a 400ºF (205ºC) and the young green beans went into a steamer pot. purple yamsteamed beans

For the foogath I briefly fried mustard seeds, white poppy seeds, curry leaves, a small datil pepper, a dried cayenne pepper, asafetida, and salt. tempering

To this I added onion, ginger paste and garlic. seasoningonions

When the onions were translucent I added the steamed beans and coconut. After a few minutes cooking it was done. beans and coconutgreen bean fugath

A pat of butter and home grown pickled beets accompanied the baked purple yam and green bean fugath for a light mid afternoon meal. platedplated 2

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