Cold Yogurt/Squash Blossom Soup

Here is another little post I can do while away from home.

A couple months ago I ran across a recipe for Tarator, a cold yogurt/cucumber soup popular in Bulgaria during the hot season. I was all set to make it when I realized I didn’t have any cucumber. My squash plants were in full bloom so I decided to substitute the cucumber with squash blossoms. It is the female flowers that produce fruit so I only picked the male blossoms. The only purpose the male flowers serve is to pollinate the female flowers so the fruits will have viable seed for future propagation. Un-pollinated female flowers will still produce fruit.

Female Squash Blossom
Female Squash Blossom
Male Squash Blossom
Male Squash Blossom

I used Greek yogurt to which I added a little water and beat with a fork to liquify. To the yogurt I added sliced squash blossoms, chopped fresh chives, pressed garlic and chopped fresh dill weed. I then chilled it in the refrigerator before serving. It was so refreshing and looked pretty too.

squash blossomssquash blossoms & dillsoup

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