Mixed Vegetable Croquettes

I had somewhat of a plan when I embarked on this mission but, as always, my plans are subject to change. My intentions were to pack this dish with  green vegetables, namely spinach. The spinach part didn’t happen, but I did steam some cauliflower that needed to be used, utilized some cooked carrots, cooked rice, cooked and finely chopped green beans and a couple of small boiled and pealed potatoes,


I mashed the cooked vegetables without pulverizing them completely. I actually used a different masher more than the one pictured because the one pictured tended to make the contents exit the bowl onto the counter. I just like the one pictured because I received it from a friend as a reward for winning one of her cool “guess what this is used for” contests. 🙂

croquettes 2

To the mashed vegetables and cooked rice I added sautéed onions, garlic, finely chopped celery and chopped walnuts. I also added salt and just a little oregano, basil, marjoram, thyme, rosemary and sage.

croquettes 3 1/2

Rather than use egg to bind the ingredients together I added chia seed meal, flax seed meal and pumpkin seed meal mixed with water. This was in the interest of keeping the dish vegan. I do believe the desired results would have been better achieved had I used an egg. End results were great none the less.

croquettes 3

I mixed bread crumbs into the mashed vegetables to get a consistency that would readily come away from the sides of the bowl. I then coated small dollops of the vegetable mix with bread crumbs.  A small ice cream scoop helped keep the size of the balls consistent.

croquettes 4croquettes 5

Using a heated aebelskiver pan sprayed with olive oil no stick spray I rotated the vegetable croquettes until they were evenly cooked on all sides.

croquettes 6croquettes 7

For the second batch (preferred method) I put a little canola oil in each depression of the pan and lightly pressed the bread crumb coated balls for better contact with the heated surface. I put a drop of oil on top of each one before rolling them over to cook the other side. I again pressed them ever so gently so the other side conformed to the shape of the depression in the pan. These croquettes are very soft and fragile so must be turned and handled very carefully. The effort is well worth it because they taste wonderful!

croquettes 8crocquettes 9

I served the vegetable croquettes with Greek yogurt flavored with Italian seasoning and homemade datil pepper sauce (https://pleasantpeasantcuisine.wordpress.com/2015/08/02/datil-pepper-sauce/).

croquettes 9


These vegetable croquettes can be prepared in any frying pan in the form of patties.


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