I’m not sure how to categorize this post. I spent most of the morning attempting to stock up on groceries. Went to my favorite grocery store in a nearby city and was shocked to learn that the store is shutting down permanently in a few days. Most of the shelves were empty. Several of the items on my shopping list I could normally rely on finding were not there.

I live several miles away from the nearest small town which has a mediocre grocery store so it was very disappointing to know I will have to travel many more miles to shop at a higher end grocery store. Anyone who knows me knows I will travel however many miles necessary to fulfill my wants and needs but still live in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t lessen the disappointment of the store closing.

One item I found on the nearly empty shelves was Smart Ground® Meatless Original Crumbles by Lightlife™. I had never used this product before but purchased it since it will no longer be readily available. The product is based on soy protein.

It was late afternoon when I realized I had not yet eaten my second meal of the day. My go-to meal when it needs to happen quickly is tostadas, whether based on refried beans or some sort of vege-burger. I chose to try this new (to me) product.

I heated some of the “Meatless Crumbles” in the microwave with powdered cumin and datil pepper sauce (https://pleasantpeasantcuisine.wordpress.com/2015/08/02/datil-pepper-sauce/). This was spread on a corn tortilla and topped with chopped onion, shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato.

This is starting to sound like a product review which I suppose it essentially is. I enjoyed the meal and it sat well with me the rest of the day. Since I didn’t finish the product in the package I will be using more of it very soon. If my opinion of the product changes you will be the first to know.

meatless crumbles tostadameatless crumbles tostada 2

meatless crumbles tostada 3meatless crumbles tostada 4

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