Stuffed Peppers

Been harvesting these sweet red Cubanelle Peppers, one or two every day or so. They are a good size for stuffing.

stuffed peppers 6

I had cooked some rice yesterday in homemade mock chicken broth ( I also had some sprouted Masoor Dal (red lentils). I thought both would go well with meatless burger crumbles as a stuffing for the peppers.

To this I added ground cumin, and since the peppers are sweet and mild I also added chili powder and homemade Datil Pepper sauce ( for flavor and to give the stuffing a moister consistency.

stuffed peppers 1stuffed peppers 2stuffed peppers 3

I had some Queso Fresco on hand, a variety of Mexican crumbling cheese I had never tried before. I now know it is very much like Feta Cheese, having a bit of saltiness to it. I combined some of this with the rest of the stuffing mix.

stuffed peppers 4stuffed peppers 5

I charred the peppers using a canister MAP gas torch and, while they were hot, I put them in a paper bag to sweat. This loosens the skin making it easier to remove with a little rubbing under running water. The skin on these peppers wasn’t particularly thick or tough so I wasn’t concerned with removing all the skin. Besides, the char adds flavor to the dish.

stuffed peppers 11stuffed peppers 7

I cut a lengthwise slit on one side of each pepper, removed the seeds and seed membranes and stuffed them with the mixture I had prepared. I laid the stuffed peppers on a thin layer of cooked rice in a baking dish, poured some tomato sauce over them and scattered more cubed Queso Fresco on top. I baked the peppers in a 400ºF oven for, oh, 45 minutes? I am terrible at documentation!

stuffed peppers 8stuffed peppers 9

I was pleased with the results.

stuffed peppers 10

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