Quinoa Salad, My Way

Quinoa salad recipes are ubiquitous. Maybe because they can be made to suit every taste with a multitude of choices for ingredients. Here I am putting out yet another. I am one who likes big flavor. I like pasta dishes to be big on sauce and light on pasta. Likewise, I like quinoa salad to be light on quinoa with mostly veggie and other ingredients. Like any salad I make, the ingredients depend on what is on hand.

Today I cooked the quinoa in the liquid left over from draining and squeezing the grated zucchini, carrot and onion in yesterday’s dish. After the quinoa had cooled I added sweet red pepper sliced thinly, celery leaves, purslane leaves, chives, parsley leaves, chopped cucumber, cilantro and jalapeño sliced paper thin.

quinoa salad 1

To that I added black beans, skinned and seeded chopped tomato and cubed avocado.

quinoq salad 2

This was served with a wedge of lemon. I doused my portion with a few generous splashes of home fermented jalapeño hot sauce from another year (“vintage” 2011).

quinoa salad 3jalapeõ hot sauce

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