Another Go At Lactobacillus Fermentation.

The other day I bought some green mangos hoping to attempt making authentic mango pickle. Yesterday when I cut into the largest of the three mangos it was apparent that it was very close to being ripe and wouldn’t be suitable for the traditional method of making pickle. At that point I abandoned any thought of following a recipe and went by instinct and the little I know of lactobacillus fermentation. Started another batch today using the rest of the mangos.

raw mangoes

I cut the mangos into chunks leaving skin and seed shell intact and added 2% of the weight of the mangos in kosher salt.

mangos 1

I assembled the spices I wanted to use and dry roasted all the whole seeds before grinding.

mangos 2mangos 3

I heated olive and grape seed oil and before it cooled added all the spices, including the ones I had just ground, and the curry leaves. When it had cooled completely I poured the spiced oil over the salted mango chunks which I had packed in a canister.

mangos 5mangos 4

mangos 6

These projects are entirely experimental and not to be imitated until proven successful. Yesterday’s project seems to be behaving correctly. It had a tight lid on it overnight but obviously needs to breathe so I removed the rubber seal and replaced it with four layers of terrycloth.  Now the wait…

mangos 7

If this spicy mango condiment turns out successfully I’ll probably preserve it in small (usable quantity) jars processed in a water-bath canner.

Several days ago I checked on the hot chili pepper sauce fermenting in the tall canister and it was right on track. I love these kinds of projects!

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