Spinach Paneer Curry & Rice Pancakes

Lunch today was an attempt, without following any recipes, to approximate a palak paneer dish and a dosa type dish. In both cases, so many adjustments were made along the way that thorough documentation did not occur. While typical Indian ingredients and flavors were included I cannot presume to call either dish by any name that would imply authenticity.

The spinach and cheese dish had a wonderful sweetness from the cooked parsnips and carrots which were blended with the spinach and unsweetened  coconut milk.. Cumin and fennel seeds sautéd with onion and garlic undoubtedly added to the sweetness. I deliberately avoided chili peppers or other harsh spices.

The rice pancakes consisted of rice, urad dal, chana dal and fenugreek seed soaked overnight and then ground into a batter. This was left to ferment for half a day. The addition of rice flour eventually made it work more or less as hoped. My dosa making skills are improving but need a lot more practice. I just hope when I finally get it right I will have the presence of mind to snap a decent photo!

In the end, it was a very satisfying meal.

rice pancakes

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