Baked Potato & Broccoli

When we are hungry and pressed for time and want something at least halfway nutritious, baked potato and broccoli with all the fixin’s hits the spot. The quick part is facilitated by the microwave oven. I cook the potatoes first since they will remain hot while the rest of the meal comes together. Sometimes I use a microwave potato bag I received from a fellow Etsy seller. It is made from all natural fibers. The quilted fabric holds in moisture and heat, essentially steaming the potatoes.

potato bag

The microwaved potatoes peel readily so I usually don’t bother washing them ahead of time.

Broccoli cooks in about 5 minutes in the microwave. Meanwhile I have grated the cheddar cheese and gathered all the other fixin’s on the table.

Faye and I have our own ways of assembling our plates. She likes all of her ingredients on top of the potato. I prefer my broccoli by itself with a dollop of mayo.

go-to-meal 1

Homegrown and canned pickled beets add another dimension to the meal.

If you look real hard you can see the potato under all that cheese. 😉

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