Pan Roasted Herbed Sweet Potato

My intention was to oven roast sweet potato with fresh herbs from the garden. It was a different variety potato than I usually buy. It had the usual purplish skin but the flesh was white. It was also quite large, so just a portion was enough for the two of us.

sweet potato

I put fresh thyme, rosemary, sliced sage leaves and kosher salt in a small bowl with a little olive oil and zapped it in the microwave oven until I could hear it sizzle for a couple seconds. The idea was to heat the oil to better infuse the flavor of the herbs.

herbsherbs 2

I sliced the peeled potato into 3/8 inch (1 centimeter) rounds and marinated them in the olive oil and herbs for a couple hours, then arranged them on a baking sheet. When smoke began to fill the kitchen upon preheating the oven I was quickly reminded of an oven mishap that occurred a few days ago. This was one of those occasions when I’ve been glad I neglected to replace the batteries in the smoke alarm. Oven roasting was obviously not an option pending a thorough cleaning of the oven.

herbs 3sweet potato rounds

Pan roasting was the next best option but I was determined not to “fry” them using a lot of oil. Using just the oil they were coated with I put the medallions in a nonstick pan with a tight fitting lid and cooked them on medium low heat to allow them to cook through slowly without charring. I splashed a little water into the pan a couple of times for the steam effect quickly replacing the lid.

I was pleased with how the sweet potato slices took on the flavor of the herbs and browned nicely on both sides without any additional oil.

sweet potato roundsherbed sweet potato rounds

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