Quick Hot (Datil) Pepper Sauce

I made a quick (unfermented) hot sauce from the last picking of Datil Peppers. (If you are unfamiliar with Datil Peppers do a google search for fascinating information.)

I don’t know what I was thinking! I have two batches of Datil pepper hot sauce fermenting, which, if they are a success, will last me a decade! I guess if I keep making this stuff it will force me to keep on living into my 90s and beyond. ­čśë┬áThe next harvest will be dedicated to Datil Pepper jelly.

I cut off the stems, split the peppers in half, salted them with kosher salt and left them to absorb the salt and sweat for a few hours.datil peppers

I then added vinegar and brought them to a boil. When they had cooled I pulsed the peppers with a plunge blender and let it sit over night,

datil peppers 2datil pepper 3

The next morning I strained the blended peppers using a strainer and cheesecloth. I let it drain on its own for an hour or so and gave the cheesecloth a twist or two to squeeze out a little more liquid without forcing any solids through the cheesecloth.

pepper sauce 1pepper sauce 2

I tasted the pepper sauce and added the necessary sugar to cut the sourness of the vinegar. When I was satisfied with the flavor I blended in a few pinches of Xanthan gum to emulsify. The hot sauce was then ready to bottle and refrigerate.

ppeper sauce 3pepper sauce 4

It might have been better to mix in the xanthan gum by hand but I used the plunge blender to ensure there would be no lumps. The frothing will subside in a few days. I can still add this little batch of hot sauce to the next picking of Datil Peppers to make jelly. That, in fact, is the logical plan.

This entire process could be accomplished in a couple of hours. I just had other things going on.

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