Mini Asiago Cheese Baskets

Made some little Asiago cheese baskets for hors d’oeuvres. The possibilities these tasty morsels could be filled with are limited only by one’s imagination.

To make the mini cheese baskets I placed enough shredded Asiago cheese to cover a 3 inch (8cm) diameter area of a hot nonstick pan. When the edges began to darken and the lacy layer of cheese would slide easily in the pan I lifted it out of the pan and draped it over an inverted shot glass to form the basket. I carefully formed the hot cheese with my fingers for some of them and for others I pressed an inverted mini stainless steel ramekin over the top to shape the sides.

cheese cups 1cheese cups 2

cheese cups 3

For the filling I used onion, garlic, celery, mushrooms and walnuts all chopped very small. To that I added pumpkin seed meal and a little salt. I put all this in a hot nonstick pan with a few drops of oil and sautéd it for a few minutes while stirring constantly.

filling 1

I transferred it to a bowl and added sesame tahini, chopped fresh parsley and a splash of caper berry juice.

filling 2filling 3

This filling was quite mild and the dominant flavor for these hors d’oeuvres was the Asiago cheese basket itself. A little thyme,  rosemary or similar herbs would have done no harm, but these were tasty just the way they were.

filling 4

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