Ripe Jackfruit

Had to make a trip into Charlotte today and on the way back home I stopped at the Super G Mart, which is a large international grocery store. They always have interesting fruits and vegetables in the produce section. Today it was the ripe Jackfruit that caught my eye and  olfactories. When I was growing up I loved it when we cut into one and the strong but lovely smell filled the house. I bought a quarter of a Jackfruit even though I still have some left in the freezer from the last time.

I usually freeze Jackfruit and eat it frozen like a popsicle. I haven’t decided yet how I will use the one I bought today.

jackfruit 1

The membranes inside the fruit have a latex-like substance that can make a sticky mess, so before I even removed the cellophane wrap I oiled up my knife and hands with coconut oil. I didn’t use the knife much since the Jackfruit was already cut open. It was mostly a matter of pulling the fruit apart with my hands. Each sweet fleshy aril (the edible part) surrounds a large seed, which is also edible if properly prepared by boiling, roasting or frying.

jackfruit 2jackfruit 3

The parts relegated to the compost bin almost equal the edible portions of the fruit which are safely in the refrigerator until I make up my mind how to use them.

jackfruit 4jackfruit 5

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