Patties With Yogurt Buttermilk Sauce

Today’s meal evolved in typical fashion, with changes and adjustments all along the way. I wanted to use up the cucumber in the refrigerator so I planned on making a Raita type yogurt dish but hadn’t decided what it would accompany.

Well, the cucumber was well past its prime and no longer suitable for consumption. I went ahead and cut up sweet red pepper, jalapeño, radish, cilantro and onion and mixed them in Greek yogurt. By now I had decided to have the yogurt as a sauce with some sort of patties so I thinned the yogurt to a pourable consistency by adding buttermilk.

yogurt sauce 1yogurt sauce 2

There were more of all the chopped ingredients than were needed in the yogurt so they were the beginning of the patty mixture. To the chopped veggies I added chopped mushrooms, chopped fresh spinach and some leftover cooked sweet potato. In a separate bowl I mixed powdered egg, cumin powder and dried fenugreek leaves (methi) with half a box of dry falafel mix before mixing it with the chopped veggies. To moisten I added buttermilk, but it then seemed a little too wet for patties, so I mixed in pumpkin seed meal and potato flakes.

powdered eggsfalafel mix

pumpkin seed meal

I rarely fry anything with more than a drizzle of oil, but since Faye is on a high calorie diet I didn’t hold back so much. I used canola and grape seed oil.

yogurt sauce 3yogurt sauce 4

I never would have thought to use chopped radish as an ingredient in patties but the taste and consistency of these patties was really good.

yogurt sauce 5

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