Arborio Rice / Moth Bean Sprouts Patties

Uh oh. The glass on my ceramic top stove is broken. I was cooking something when I heard a very loud pop. We had previously noticed a depression in the glass over the left front element, likely a result of repeatedly heating large amounts of water in the canner.

Until I replace the glass top I had best not use the two left elements. I have looked at a couple tutorials and it seems like an easy enough procedure to remove and replace it. It’s just a matter of forking over a lot of money to order the part and have it shipped.

I guess future canning projects need to take place on the Coleman camping stove out on the porch.

This week I’ve been sprouting moth beans. They are very small brown colored beans, smaller even than mung beans.

moth beanspatties 3

One of the things I wanted to do with the sprouts was use them in patties. I wanted to avoid using eggs this time and make it a vegan dish. I had never used Arborio rice before but had some in the pantry. What little I knew about it was that it has a creamy quality which I figured might make a it good main ingredient that would also serve as a binder, eliminating the need to use egg.

I wasn’t about to cook the Arborio in the traditional manner for preparing risotto. There was no way I would stand there stirring it for 20 minutes! i cooked it as I would any other rice until it had absorbed all the water, then added more water and continued cooking until the water again boiled off. By this time the grains of rice had completely broken down and became the sticky mass I was hoping for.

pattiespatties 2

In preparation for making this dish I soaked some dried shiitake mushrooms over night.

patties 4

To the cooked Arborio rice I added moth bean sprouts, onion, garlic, sweet red pepper, chopped reconstituted shitake mushrooms and chopped spinach. I saved the water I had soaked the mushrooms in for the sauce.

patties 5patties 6

To the patty mixture I added needed salt, black pepper, crushed celery seed and bread crumbs.

patties 7patties 8

I heated a mixture of canola, mustard and sesame oils in a frying pan and used an ice cream scoop to portion the patties. Using the back of a spatula, I flattened the patties and let them fry for several minutes until browned before flipping them to brown on the other side.

patties 10patties 11

I made the same sauce I use for egg fu yung to go over the patties. It consists of a broth made with the liquid from soaking the shiitake mushrooms, homemade “chicken” seasoning (, toasted sesame oil and a splash of soy sauce (I used Bragg® Liquid Aminos). Corn starch thickened the sauce to a thin gravy consistency.

I thought these crispy patties tasted great! Faye concurred.

patties 12

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