Corn Tortillas

I love corn tortillas, but the store bought ones are way too small. When making a taco, by the time you add the beans or (veggie) burger and cheese there is no more room for lettuce, tomato, avocado, hot sauce etc. etc. For awhile the local stores were selling a slightly larger corn tortilla and I was a faithful customer, but they abruptly became unavailable.

I made attempts at making my own corn tortillas many years ago but after the handle on my tortilla press broke that was the end of my tortilla making. I replaced my tortilla press some time ago but haven’t renewed my tortilla making efforts until today.

Let me state right here that this is not a “how to” tutorial It is merely an account of today’s events.

I made sure to purchase masa made from yellow corn. Vitamin A was bred out of corn as a result of cultural preference for white corn, or so I have read. The product I bought had a very short list of ingredient(s): “select corn treated with lime.” I can live with that.

corn tortillas 1

I followed the instructions on the package for the amount of dough needed, mixing hot water with the masa harina and added a little salt and coconut oil. I used the stand mixer with the dough hook. It’s not like it was a major operation with a lot of kneading, but using the mixer doesn’t create any more of a mess or require more cleanup than doing it by hand, so why not?

I put the dough in a plastic bag, wrapped it tightly, and let it sit for about 45 minutes.

corn tortillas 2

I cut the two sides of a one gallon Ziploc® plastic bag leaving the bottom intact, positioned a ball of dough on the tortilla press between the two layers of plastic and pressed it flat.

corn tortillas 3corn tortillas 4

I partially cooked these on a hot dry frying pan and stored them in a plastic bag for later use.

corn tortiallas 5corn tortillas 6

These are bigger than store-bought corn tortillas but I wouldn’t mind even a bit larger. Next time…

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