Black Bean Tacos

I wasn’t sure if I would have time to work up a post for today because we went to the city to see a movie and pick up a couple of things at the grocery store. We don’t go to the movies often, and when we do we prefer to go to a matinée because it is less crowded and cheaper too. Since it was the first showing of the day there was barely a handful of people in the theatre, but another couple came in and sat directly behind us. That is something I would never do. I like a little space around me. Those people were commenting on every scene in the movie. They were speaking quietly but I could hear every word. I quickly suggested to Faye that we move to other seats, which is what we did, after which my blood pressure immediately returned to normal.

After we got back home I made black bean tacos using the corn tortillas I made yesterday. First I prepared the avocado salad. To the mashed avocado I added chopped onion, chopped cilantro, finely chopped sweet red pepper, finely chopped spinach and chopped tomato along with a little salt and lemon juice.

tacostacos 2

tacos 3

While heating a pan on the stove, I warmed up the corn tortillas for 15 seconds in the microwave so they would bend without cracking. I spread the tortillas with refried black beans seasoned with cumin and chili powder, added shredded cheddar cheese, folded and fried them on both sides in a little olive oil.

tacos 4

After sliding them out of the pan onto a serving plate I added the avocado salad mixture, homemade datil pepper hot sauce and sour cream. Eliminating the sour cream would make this a vegan dish.

tacos 5tacos 6

Oh yeah!

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