Root Vegetable Fugath & Creamed Mixed Greens With Straw Mushrooms

The inclusion of coconut and the subtle flavor of curry leaves make Fugath a great way to jazz up vegetables. Today I made a mild version without hot chili peppers. It is good either way depending on personal taste. Yesterday I pulled up a few yellow beets and carrots from the garden with the intention … More Root Vegetable Fugath & Creamed Mixed Greens With Straw Mushrooms

Poached Eggs & Grits

We rarely eat out for breakfast unless we are on a road trip. Unless a restaurant offers great looking home style fried potatoes I’ll usually order grits rather than hash browns. I love grits, but I resent that they are usually made with white corn which lacks nutritional elements found in whole grain yellow corn. I … More Poached Eggs & Grits

Raita / Guacamole Fusion

We had samosas for our midday meal. They were from Around The World Market ( I ate one the other day so I knew they were quite spicy hot. Raita would be a perfect accompaniment to counter balance the heat. Ingredients for raita: cucumber radish sweet red pepper red onion cilantro plain nonfat Greek yogurt … More Raita / Guacamole Fusion