New Glass Stovetop

Today was Faye’s turn in the kitchen. She made a delicious and attractive rice dish for lunch. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo.

There was a knock on the door this afternoon. When I opened the door there was a package on the front porch and a FedEx truck was driving away. It was the new glass stovetop I had ordered to replace the old cracked one. I wasn’t expecting delivery until the 10th.

Thanks to a YouTube tutorial I had watched previously I knew exactly what to do. The old stove top was removed and replaced with the new one within 30 minutes. Could have been done in 15 minutes or less if I hadn’t spent so much time looking for my tools and searching for and retrieving the screw  I had dropped into the innards of the stove. Faye’s assistance on one of the steps made the task a lot easier.

It is so nice to have the use of more than just two burners again. I have learned my lesson about putting heavy things like a water bath canner on the glass stovetop.


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