Breakfast Brie

We didn’t have to rush out of the house this morning to get to doctor’s or chemo appointments so I had plenty of time to prepare breakfast. There were some sweet red peppers from the garden on the counter that needed to either be eaten or refrigerated. I cut off and discarded the stem ends of the peppers and cut out a small section from the sides of the peppers. Those sections I diced small.

I put both the diced and hollowed out peppers in a covered glass dish and partially cooked them in the microwave for one minute. I then stuffed the peppers with softened brie and goat cheese and put them in a different lidded glass dish.

breakfast brie 1

I beat a couple eggs with the diced peppers and poured the mixture over the stuffed peppers.

breakfast brie 2breakfast brie 3

This was slowly baked with a lid on it in a 275ºF oven. This was a most delicious breakfast!

breakfast brie 4breakfast brie 5

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