Nachos & Guacamole

Found some very small but mature tomatillos in the garden. A couple avocados needed to be eaten, and there were also a couple of sweet red peppers from the garden, so I decided to make guacamole.

I put the tomatillos, peppers and a radish in a small food processor and gave them a coarse grind. To that I added the avocados, chopped cilantro, salt and lime juice.

nachosnachos 4

nachos 2

After making the guacamole with all healthful ingredients, just because I felt like it, I went in the other direction and shredded cheddar cheese over tortilla chips and topped them with home pickled jalapeños. 1 minute in the microwave melted the cheese.

Well…  half the meal was healthy anyway…

nachos 3

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