Poached / Steamed Eggs Using An Idli Maker

Tried something different this morning. I used my idli maker to poach eggs. Doing it this way made it much easier to achieve the desired stage of doneness. It did leave somewhat of a chore cleaning up, requiring the use of a stiff bristled brush. Perhaps I should have used a nonstick cooking spray instead of coating the depressions with coconut oil. All in all it was worth it and I would use this method again.

poached eggspoached eggs 1

poached eggs 3poached eggs 4

5 thoughts on “Poached / Steamed Eggs Using An Idli Maker

    1. No, but the tiny holes did fill up with cooked egg white making cleanup a bit of a chore. My old idli maker is made of aluminum. Had it been stainless steel or nonstick, as the newer ones are, clean up would probably been easier.

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  1. I was just reading up on “idli”. Interesting concept, but the ingredients, prep, and execution seem very complex and labor intensive in relation to my perceived satisfaction factor of the finished product. I think I’ll stick with my sourdough toast medallions – made in the Cuisinart Oven Central, of course! Mmmmm – thickish slices get crispy crisp on the outside and yield to the bite into the soft center quite deliciously.

    Virtual hugs,


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