Swiss Chard / Mushroom / Feta Cheese Tart In Pizza Dough

I really shouldn’t be taking the time to put this post together. I’ve been commissioned to do a leather project for my ex boss at the company I used to work for. It has to be done by Friday and I have made little progress so far. Perhaps I will post photos of it on my Wood Bone & Stone G+ page when it is finished. (

Last time I was in the grocery store I noticed a product I’d never seen or used before: a pre-made pizza crust rolled up in parchment paper. I purchased the thin crust variety and used it for these Swiss chard / mushroom / feta cheese tarts.

tart 1

Onion and garlic were sautéd in canola and olive oil, to which I added chopped mushrooms.

tart 2tart 3

After the mushrooms cooked down I added chopped cooked Swiss chard.

tart 5tart 6

When the moisture had cooked off I mixed in chopped walnuts and cooked rice and mashed everything a bit to break down the cooked rice to give it a binding quality.

tart 7tart 8

I then chopped a brick of feta cheese into a crumble and added that to the mixture.

tart 9

Using a wide mouthed tumbler, I cut the pizza dough into rounds and pressed them into a greased muffin tin and filled them with the Swiss chard / mushroom mixture. Some of these tarts were topped with discs of leftover pizza dough (without attempting to seal the edges) and  baked them in a 425ºF oven for about 20 minutes. The crust turned out rather crisp so a couple minutes less may have been better. They tasted great though. I love spicy food, but it is an achievement when ordinary ingredients are made to taste good without using a lot of herbs and spices.

tart 11tart 12

tart 13tart 13

Now, back to leatherwork.

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