Cornbread & Baked Beans

Today was a good day to get out of the house. We drove down country back roads to Cheraw State Park in South Carolina and enjoyed a leisurely walk in a beautiful setting.

park 1park 3

park 4park 5

park 6

I didn’t feel like preparing anything elaborate to eat when we got home so I made some cornbread to have with baked beans.

I used House Autry yellow self rising cornmeal. The ingredients in the mix are no different than what I would use if making cornbread from scratch so I don’t mind taking that shortcut at all. The only moisture I added to the cornmeal mix was what was in the shredded winter squash I had cooked in the microwave for two minutes, an egg, homemade pickled jalapeño, nopalitos and Peppadew peppers.

cornbread 1cornbread 2

Butter and honey are natural accompaniments to cornbread. Beans out of a can is another shortcut I don’t mind taking when I’m in a hurry.

cornbread 3cornbread 4

cornbread 5

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