Raita / Guacamole Fusion

We had samosas for our midday meal. They were from Around The World Market (https://pleasantpeasantcuisine.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/around-the-world-market/). I ate one the other day so I knew they were quite spicy hot. Raita would be a perfect accompaniment to counter balance the heat.

Ingredients for raita:



sweet red pepper

red onion


plain nonfat Greek yogurt


samosa 1

I thinned the Greek yogurt with water and chopped but didn’t mash the avocado.

samosa 2samosa 3

samosa 4

Along with the avocado raita we had sweet mango chutney, homemade date / tamarind chutney and mint / cilantro chutney.

samosa 5

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