Red Cabbage Foogath / Upma Fusion

The other morning we had Upma at Faye’s request. It is one of our favorite South Indian breakfasts. I had pretty much finished preparing the meal when it occurred to me that combining a Fugath dish with an Upma dish might be good. Today I did just that.

I started by frying mustard seeds, coriander seeds, white poppy seeds, cardamom pods, stick cinnamon, chopped curry leaves, a clove and a pinch of asafetida in mustard oil.

fugath 1fugath 4

When the mustard seed had popped I added onion, garlic and raw cashews.

fugath 5

When the onions had softened I added scraped coconut and a convenient solid (from being in the refrigerator) creamed coconut.

fugath 6fugath 3

When the creamed coconut had softened and broken up I added shredded red cabbage and raisins and stir-fried for a couple minutes.

fugath 7

I then added some Upma mix. When it was well combined I added water, turned down the heat to low and put a lid on it.

fugath 8fugath 9

fugath 10

I like my Upma to be on the dry crumbly side as apposed to mushy, so after it had simmered for awhile and all the water was absorbed I removed the lid and turned the heat up a bit, stirring from time to time.

fugath 11

To accompany the Foogath / Upma I prepared yogurt with radish, red onion and cilantro. When I was a child we always had some kind of tomato relish / chutney to go with Upma, so I used some home grown and canned tomatoes and added red onion, cilantro, cumin powder and Kasoori  Methi (dried fenugreek leaves).

fugath 12.5

I think a green bean or carrot fugath would combine equally well with Upma.

4 thoughts on “Red Cabbage Foogath / Upma Fusion

  1. Veggies would be a great plus to make upma interesting ….I usually add lil bit of tomato, turmeric powder, finely chopeed carrots and beans to make it colourful and we call it kichdi…so why not cabbage..rightly said

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