Root Vegetable Fugath & Creamed Mixed Greens With Straw Mushrooms

The inclusion of coconut and the subtle flavor of curry leaves make Fugath a great way to jazz up vegetables. Today I made a mild version without hot chili peppers. It is good either way depending on personal taste.

Yesterday I pulled up a few yellow beets and carrots from the garden with the intention of including them with parsnip in a fugath dish. I shredded the carrots, parsnip and yellow beets, and finely chopped onion & garlic, I also thinly sliced home grown sweet red pepper.

carrots and beetsfoogath 1

I chose virgin coconut oil to fry the seasonings because I wanted coconut to be a prominent flavor in the dish. Into the hot oil went mustard seeds, white poppy seeds, a few fennel seeds, chopped and whole curry leaves and a pinch of asafetida.When the mustard seeds started popping I added the onion, garlic and sweet red pepper.

foogath 2foogath 3

foogath 4

When the onions had softened i added and mixed in the shredded root vegetables, put a lid on the pan and left it to cook, every once in awhile giving it a stir so the vegetables would cook evenly.

foogath 5foogath 6

When the vegetables were approaching doneness I mixed in scraped coconut and coconut milk powder. I chose the powder over actual coconut milk because this is a dry dish. I acquired the powdered coconut milk through Amazon. This is one of the best products of its kind because it is not loaded with additives or include dairy as some similar products do.

foogath 7coconut milk powder

Carrots, parsnip, beets and even the red pepper and onion have a bit of a sweet factor about them, so I decided to enhance that quality with a little grated jaggery.

foogath 8foogath 9

The root vegetable fugath was served alongside creamed mixed greens with straw mushrooms.

foogath 10

If fresh beets have healthy looking foliage I don’t like to let the greens to go to waste. Since I was only using a few beets in the fugath I picked some young Swiss chard and wild curly dock to make creamed mixed greens.

greens 1

The greens were prepared by first sautéing chopped onion in olive oil, then adding the chopped mixed greens with just a bit of liquid from a can of straw mushrooms. This was cooked under a lid until the greens became tender.

greens 2greens 3

When the greens were pretty much cooked I added a few canned straw mushrooms and continued cooking.

greens 4

Then I sprinkled all purpose flour on top of the cooked greens and mushrooms and stirred that in while cooking for a few more minutes. Then I added half & half and stirred until thickened. To keep this vegan I’m sure one could use almond, cashew or coconut milk instead.

greens 5greens 6

foogath 10

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