Guava Jam

Yesterday I picked up some small Mexican guavas at an Hispanic supermarket in a nearby town. I considered a few possible ways to use them. A good guava jam would be nice or guava paste or I thought I might make guava sauce like we enjoyed in India. Good apples weren’t available where we lived … More Guava Jam

It’s that time of year again. The first hard freeze of the season is predicted overnight. Time to save a few sprigs of basil, pick all the peppers regardless of size or ripeness and bring in anything else worth saving. The beets and carrots should be just fine and hopefully the Swiss Chard. I’m disappointed … More


I noticed the 2% milk in the refrigerator was on the verge of going out of date and there was still about half a quart left. Even though we had a morning appointment more than an hour drive away I had plenty of time to make paneer. I heated the milk to 180ºF and added … More Paneer