Vegetarian / Vegan Stroganoff

Last night I determined to make stroganoff today using some of the seitan I made yesterday ( But I didn’t have any mushrooms in the house other than the ones I dried awhile back ( So I put some of them in water to soak overnight. Wound up going into town today and picked up fresh mushrooms. Decided to use both. I used the stick blender to blend up the reconstituted mushrooms along with the water they had soaked in.

stroganoff 1stroganoff 6

I don’t follow a strictly vegan diet but will sometimes keep a dish vegan if is convenient and doesn’t sacrifice taste. I used coconut oil instead of butter to sauté onion, garlic and red pepper. Then I added a few fresh mushrooms.

stroganoff 2stroganoff 4

I then sprinkled flour on top of the sautéd vegetables, mixed it in well and continued cooking awhile longer.
stroganoff 5

I then added the blended reconstituted mushrooms and some vegetable stock left over from making the seitan yesterday.

stroganoff 8

The seitan had been marinating overnight in my homemade barbecue sauce but I didn’t want too much of those sweet flavors in the stroganoff, so I squeezed the chunks of seitan in my fist under running water to rinse away the sauce that ran through my fingers without actually rinsing the seitan itself. I cut the chunks into smaller pieces and added them to the heating gravy, then mixed in a little cashew milk.

stroganoff 9stroganoff 10stroganoff 11

The stroganoff was served over Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice which had been cooked in vegetable stock.

stroganoff 12

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