Coconut Rum Soaked Dates Pastries

This afternoon I ventured into unfamiliar territory. I seldom attempt creating desserts, let alone anything that resembles a pastry. Whenever I have, the end product looks as amateurish as it in fact is. The same could be said for what I made today, however the taste was phenomenal!

I’ve had some Medjool dates soaking in coconut rum for a couple weeks. Today I filled some with Mascarpone and some with goat cheese (chèvre) and wrapped them in store bought refrigerated pie crust dough. Yeah, I know, the pie crust dough is made with hydrogenated vegetable oil. I practically never introduce that sort of thing into my body, but today I made an exception. Feel free to castigate me, shun me, call me a hypocrite or crucify me (figuratively, of course). I have no problem forgiving myself for an occasional deviation from a healthy diet.

pastry 1pastry 2

pastry 3

After randomly pricking them in unartistic fashion, I brushed them with an egg wash made with powdered eggs. I have two of these large cans of powdered eggs. They have a decades long shelf life but it makes no sense to break open a fresh egg when I only need a little, and I have more than a lifetime supply.

pastry 4

These pie crust pastries wouldn’t pass any visual critique but they sure taste good!

pastry 5

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