Whole Grain Crackers With Blue Cheese (Or Not)

I frequently set out on a project having little or no idea what direction it will go or how it will end up. Maybe even most of the time. Faye will see me in the kitchen chopping away at an onion or something else and ask me what I am making. Often my answer has to be that I don’t know yet.

Today was different. I had a pretty clear idea what I intended to do. Things went awry anyway. My plan was to make whole grain crackers using blue cheese as the star ingredient and I wanted to give them a nutritional boost by adding ground walnuts and something green, specifically, spinach and stinging nettles. I’ve had no experience making crackers but logically it seems that the less moisture introduced into the dough the better and crispier the results.

I have on hand stinging nettle which I had dehydrated for use in herbal teas and tinctures, but would still need to dehydrate the spinach. That could be done quickly in the food dehydrator if using fresh spinach, but I was using frozen. The dehydration was going slower than hoped and I was impatient and started making the dough without the spinach. I added extra dried nettles instead.

dried stinging nettledried spinach

The dried spinach I finally ended up with will be used another time when less moisture is desirable in a recipe.

dried spinach 2

I used about a 2 to 1 ratio of whole wheat flour to rye flour to which was added dried stinging nettle, kosher salt, cold butter cut up in small pieces, coconut oil and ground walnuts. The butter and oil was incorporated into the dry ingredients using my finger tips until there was a uniform crumbly consistency. I then mixed in cashew milk a little at a time to form a workable dough. It was just a little too moist so I kneaded in some pumpkin seed meal to dry it up, then oiled up the dough ball with olive oil and refrigerated it in cellophane for about 30 minutes.

pumpkin seed mealcrackers 1

I had rolled out and baked the first batch of crackers (this is where I laugh at myself) when I realized I had completely forgotten the blue cheese.

crackers 2crackers 3

I often consult with Faye when I run into trouble. I asked if there was any way I could work the blue cheese into the existing ball of dough. She suggested it might be better to crumble it on top before baking, so that is what I did with the second batch of crackers.

crackers 4crackers 7

crackers 8

So… The idea of including spinach didn’t work out… I forgot all about the blue cheese… and now I realize I neglected to prick the rolled out dough with a fork (in either batch) as I had intended. It seems I am better off just winging it than trying to abide by a plan.

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