Spinach/Avocado & Cheese Sandwich On Whole Wheat

If you eat enough good stuff with the not so good stuff does that make the not so good stuff okay? The idea for this sandwich started with good intentions, but then I got hungry…

I dehydrated some spinach the other day to use in making crackers but the crackers got made before the spinach finished drying. Today I ground the dried spinach to a fine powder in a coffee grinder and mixed it in with avocado. I also added a couple chopped Peppadew peppers, minced sweet onion, lemon juice and salt.

sandwich 1sandwich 2

I mixed a tiny bit of homemade horseradish with a tiny bit of olive oil mayo, just enough to put a thin smear on both halves of a whole wheat Hoagie bun. This is when I started getting off track. I loaded the hoagie with sliced cheese. Not just a little bit of cheese either: Fontina, Havarti, Swiss, Gouda, Muenster… This went in the oven to melt the cheese a little.

sandwich 3

I then gave it a good smear of the avocado / spinach mixture and loaded the sandwich with lettuce.

sandwich 4sandwich 5

It may be a couple days before I am hungry again.

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