Weekend Morning Breakfast

A weekend morning breakfast for us is sometimes fried potatoes and eggs. I typically start the potatoes by sautéing onion, sweet and hot peppers and a little garlic in olive oil. This morning I used tiny potatoes, each cut into eight pieces.

fried potatoesfried potatoes 2

The potatoes were fried at medium low heat under a lid, turning only occasionally. I wanted them to brown but to cook through at the same time.

fried potatoes 3

When the potatoes were done I pulled them to one side and cracked two eggs into the pan. I then turned the heat down as low as it would go and replaced the lid.

I don’t like my fried eggs to be brown on the bottom or crispy around the edges, which is why I cook them slowly. I like my yolks to be soft and a little runny but not too much. I usually flip them just briefly, but this morning I tried something different. I used my torch on the top of the eggs to help cook the whites and put a slight skin on top of the yolks. Worked out very well.

fried potatoes 4fried potatoes 5

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