Sweet Potato Leaves, Beet Tops & Mushroom Quesadilla

It was chilly and raining today. During a slight break when the rain slowed to a drizzle I took some scraps out to the compost and picked some greens for my next meal. The beet tops are looking good after all the rain we’ve been having. I also picked a few sweet potato leaves.

I often grow sweet potatoes but have never gotten around to eating the leaves, so it was time I try them. There weren’t many good looking leaves on the one vine I have, so, for the sake of tasting for the first time, I cooked them by themselves in a small pot, sautéing them first with a little butter. Faye and I both thought they tasted pretty good. I will be growing sweet potatoes every year from now on for the added bonus of the edible vines that will provide greens during the hot summer when spinach will no longer grow.

After tasting the sweet potato greens I added chopped beet greens to the pot and put them to boil.

quesadilla 1quesadilla 2

When I harvested the greens I didn’t know yet how I would fix them. I just knew that my body was craving something green. By the time the greens were cooked I decided I would be using them in a quesadilla.

I sautéd onion, red pepper and mushrooms until soft then added in the cooked greens. I used ground cumin and Mexican chili powder for seasoning.

quesadilla 3quesadilla 4

I laid two slices of Fontina cheese on one side of a flour tortilla, spread the greens/mushroom mixture on the Fontina and then some shredded sharp cheddar.

quesadilla 5

I browned the quesadilla in a pan with a little olive oil and enjoyed it with homemade fermented Datil Pepper sauce and a dollop of sour cream.

quesadilla 6quesadilla 7

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